Governing Councils

We provide a range of nationally recognised qualifications (local government specific) and council-specific non-accredited short courses as well as other professional development training options.

The fundamental role of councillors is to serve and represent the interests of their community (the local government area) as a whole, rather than those of any section or interest group. 

This workshop looks at the responsibilities of councillors in representing the overall public interest when making decisions to benefit their communities. Topics include:

Perform at a high level as a Councillor

  • Local Government Act 2009
  • Councillor responsibilities
  • Unsuitable conduct
  • Inappropriate conduct
  • Misconduct
  • Corrupt conduct

Provide leadership to council and community groups

Provide a positive image of council

Initiate and support development programs

o   develop, engage and lead community groups within a local government context 

o   understand differing personal characteristics and their effect on leadership of teams 

o   engage in appropriate research and consultation 

o   contribute to the development and implementation of strategies within local government groups 

o   respect and represent diversity in ethnic background, culture, customs, language and communication styles. 


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