Peak Safety

Our operators work 24/7 and are the human aspect that represents council safety.

Peak Safety

The largest assets of any council are their staff and like any asset, your staff need to be protected. Queensland’s terrain is diverse, much like the roles that each council's staff undertake within them. Peak recognises at any time there poses a risk that emergencies can occur whist on the job, often where help is not easy to access.

Through our trained after-hours experts, Peak Safety guarantees the peace of mind that whenever your staff are in the field or whenever an unmanned asset might fail to follow protocol, we are there to answer the alarm, ensuring safety always. Our operators work 24/7 and are the human aspect that represents council safety – being the first response in instances where safety is compromised.

Our Services

What We Offer

  • Peak works alongside your council asset management team to establish remote monitoring of your physical assets. Once implemented, the Peak Safety team can handle all SCADA alarm activations 24/7, regardless of the asset type or facility.

    In response to alarm activations, our operators log the time and details of the alarm, contact the suitable on-call council officer to attend to the site and ensure the ongoing safety of the staff member whilst they are on site up until the time they return home.

  • Our Peak 247 team is available to track any council employee movement at any time, any day. We offer the option to call officers that are responding to jobs in the field at regular intervals set by councils to ensure their ongoing safety whilst on the job.


    The team is trained in escalating and responding to instances where check-ins aren’t completed for any reason and can action duress alarms that may occur.  Additionally, on-call officers carrying out routine work in a field job can request their own check-in calls from the Peak 247 team, whether that be for travelling between sites, working at night or in remote places.

  • Peak Safety services can track council fleets, monitoring the real time location and status of any vehicle type. Operators can log the location of vehicles at regular intervals, the mechanical status of the vehicle, respond to duress alarms and alarm activations for vehicles leaving geo-fenced locations.

Our Team

We are answering more helpdesk queries from councils than ever before, due to the COVID-19 crisis. In response to this increased need and in collaboration with the LGAQ.

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