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Peak’s scanning, indexing, archiving and digitisation solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of local government, and can supplement your records management function as well as unlock the value of your corporate records. Peak’s service is: 

  • Tailored to local government and designed to meet your requirements. 
  • A high-quality ‘hands-on’ service where every page physically checked. 
  • Built on the experience of scanning over 5 million pages of council records. 
  • Free to set up and ready to start immediately.  
  • Transparent and simple ‘per box’ pricing. 
  • Easy to procure through Local Buy’s pre-qualified panel arrangement. 
Our Services

What We Offer

    • Digital scanning of paper-based records including varying document sizes. 
    • Indexing of scanned documents to be defined with you. 
    • Return of retained paper records following scanning in new files and boxes, as required. 
    • Scanning quality to be 200dpi for general documents and 300dpi where appropriate for detailed documents e.g. plans. 
  • Peak’s Information Management Unit demonstrates sound judgement and discretion, through constant professionalism and dedication to quality outcomes for our clients. Peak adheres to relevant internal Codes of Conduct, processes and policies, and to external legislation and standards including, but not limited to: 

    • Public Records Act 2002; 
    • Electronic Transaction Act 2001; 
    • Privacy Act 1988; 
    • General Retention and Disposal Schedule for Original Paper Records that have been Digitised (QDAN 656 V.1), QLD State Archives; and 
    • Digitisation Disposal Policy for QLD Public Authorities, QLD State Archives. 
  • While aiming for efficiency, our team takes the utmost care to ensure that electronic records are an exact representation of the original. We have an unwavering commitment to the quality of the services we provide and recognise quality is a fundamental component of the value that we guarantee for all our customers. Peak’s scanning and digitisation service is quality certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards.  

    We meticulously prepare paper-based documents for scanning by: 

    • Removing all staples and clips, 
    • Ensuring that pages are all facing the same way and the right way up; and  
    • Identifying double-sided pages. 

    Once documents have been scanned, the electronic record is checked against the original to ensure its quality and that it has the same number of pages. Digitised files are also checked for any blank pages, which are removed. 

    A minimum of 10% of our scanning jobs are further audited every day as part of our Quality Assurance mechanism, ensuring that all documents are exact replicas of the originals. We won’t stop trying to improve our services, but from over 5,000 boxes scanned, we are proud of our 99.9%+ accuracy. 

  • Peak understands the need for councils to control budgets and accurately forecast expenses. We are committed to the development of long-term working relationships with councils and, as such, have created a pricing model for digitisation of records to meet these needs. Peak proposes a fixed price per C1 box. 

  • Peak will ensure the confidentiality and security of your records through secure storage of paper and electronic records within our password protected IT systems and secure offices, which are protected by our 24-hour surveillance (’safe city’)system with multiple internal and external cameras. All buildings are secure, withrestricted access requiring swipe cards and photo ID. Peak operates 24 hours per day and our offices are staffed at all times. 

  • Peak can commence scanning services immediately upon acceptance of a quotation and receiving your archive cartons. We are equipped to scan your paper-based files onto hard-drives or USBs for uploading to your records management system, including all sizes of document up to large A0 plans. We can scan up to 600dpi, although we recommend 200dpi for general documents and 300dpi for detailed plans as the most appropriate and efficient quality. 

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